The Cocaine Detox and Treatment Clinic in Virginia have played a huge role in my recovery. Without participating in their detox program, I likely never would have stuck with my commitment to get sober. The staff were incredibly understanding and went above and beyond to make sure that I made it safely through the physical detox process. I experienced severe mood swings and got violent at times, and they never lost their patience with me. The people that work here know what they are doing, and they do it very well. I’ve been clean for a year and a half now.



My time spent at The Cocaine Detox and Treatment Clinic in Virginia allowed me to finally get clean. I had been using cocaine off and on for a few years, but this past year my habit got really bad. I developed a physical dependence on cocaine and was going through an entire gram a day before entering treatment. I wouldn’t have made it through the detox process on my own. Thanks to the help that I received during my withdrawal at the detox center I finally quit cocaine for good. Their aftercare programs have been a tremendous help, and I regularly attend meetings to help maintain my sobriety.


I went through detox at The Cocaine Detox and Treatment clinic here in Oklahoma. I was knocking on death’s door before getting here and likely would have had a heart attack had I continued using at the rate that I had been. The staff and professionals working in their detox center helped to make sure that I made it safely through the detox process. They assisted me with staying committed to my recovery when things got rough. I’ve been clean for three years now. The counselor that I worked with after getting through detox helped me out a lot and provided me with useful tools for staying clean and fighting cravings.


The Cocaine Detox and Treatment Clinic of Virginia have been an excellent resource for me on the road to recovery. I wasn’t sure that I would ever get clean prior to my treatment here. When I tried to quit cocaine on my own I became suicidal and relapsed because I got scared about what the withdrawals were doing to my mind. The next time I tried to quit I went to The Cocaine Detox and Treatment Clinic and my detox experience went much more smoothly thanks to their help. I’m finally clean!


My experiences with trying to quit cocaine never really went as planned. Cocaine use was a big problem in my friend group and I was exposed to it constantly. After watching my friends go downhill and ruin there lives I decided that it was time to get help so that the same thing wouldn’t happen to me. My experience with The Cocaine Detox and Treatment center was wonderful. I’m still insanely impressed with the amount of support I have received on this journey from the staff.