Detox From Cocaine

Cocaine can do serious damage to the body and the mind over time. Cocaine can lead to serious, sometimes fatal heart issues, damaged sinuses, and problems with blood pressure. It can also do serious damage to the brain and mental processes over time.

This takes places in many forms such as decreased dopamine production, memory problems, and inability to focus. With prolonged use, these issues can stay with you for life.  If you would like to live a healthy and full life, detox is a necessary step towards making sure that happens.

It isn’t just as easy as deciding to quit. This is the first and most important step, but oftentimes people run into issues within 24 hours of making this decision. The detox process can be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous. That is why we at the Cocaine Detox and Treatment Clinic in Virginia have developed protocols for helping people get through the process smoothly.

Going through an inpatient detox program is especially important for those who also suffer from mental health issues. Cocaine withdrawal is notorious for causing these issues to worsen. If a person has abused other substances alongside cocaine, it is likely that the withdrawal process will be more severe. In cases such as this, it is essential that the person is honest about the other substances that they have been abusing. Sometimes, withdrawing from other substances alongside cocaine can be life-threatening.

The mental and emotional symptoms that arise during the detox process can often drive people to have suicidal thoughts even if they do not have an underlying mental illness. This is because using cocaine changes the way that the brain produces dopamine. It can take weeks for the brain to begin to naturally repair the way that it produces the dopamine levels in the brain.

This is why one of the main reasons why going through detox with a team of professionals is so important. Getting professional treatment while going through this process can help to make sure that you are staying safe and not at risk of harming yourself or other people while your brain chemicals rebalance themselves.

Medical detox usually consists of a 5-7 day stay in our detox unit. The people that work in this unit are trained in making sure that people going through withdrawal stay safe and go through the process with minimal discomfort.

The first few days after giving up cocaine are often the hardest for most people. Having this extra support during the first week can help to make sure that a person successfully completes this first and important step toward a full recovery.

No two addicts are the same, which is why we offer a wide variety of treatment options and aftercare services. Taking advantage of the services that we offer, and going through the detox process with our assistance will increase your chances of making a full recovery and minimize your chances of relapse.

By seeking treatment at our center, you also gain access to our group meetings. Having access to such a large support network can help immensely after making it through the detox process. Getting through detox is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, but the challenges do not stop there.

Cravings tend to last for most people for around six months before fully subsiding. After giving up cocaine, you may have to make changes to your environment and social circle in order to stay clean. Taking part in our meetings can help you to maintain your sobriety after exiting inpatient detox by providing you with external support.

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