The Cocaine Detox and Treatment Center of Virginia is committed to providing quality care to those that reside in the state of Virginia. Cocaine addiction can have serious repercussions on the emotional and physical wellbeing of those who become addicted.  We recognize that stopping the use of cocaine without assistance can be incredibly difficult for those that are addicted. We are here to offer support and professional care to those that decide that they are ready to get treatment for their addictions.

We offer assistance with the detox process. Quitting cocaine can involve unpleasant symptoms when attempted alone. The treatment options that we provide help with the process of quitting cocaine to go more smoothly and with less noticeable side effects.

The use of cocaine has a serious effect on the dopamine levels in the brain. Quitting cocaine can often lead to serious bouts of depression due to the brain’s inability to produce dopamine properly after prolonged use.  This can be dangerous and sometimes leads to suicidal thought. That is why we offer inpatient care for those that are in need of the added safety and protection that is provided by detoxing in one of our medical units.

We also offer a wide variety of aftercare therapies for those that are looking for continued support on their journeys after completing the detox process. We build aftercare plans for people based on their individual needs.

An aftercare plan may include things like group meetings, one on one counseling, and classes designed to develop healthier coping mechanism. For those that are interested we also offer a wide variety of holistic modalities such as guided meditation, art therapy, and music therapy.

All of these things have been found to be incredibly helpful for those that are recovering from addictions. At the Cocaine Detox and Treatment Center in Virginia, were committed to helping you find the right treatment.